Introduction to Industrial Engineering

By Jane M. Fraser

Chapter 12

The past and the future

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Jonathan Hughes defined industrialization as;

the permeation into most areas of economic life of techniques of specialization and division of labor based upon a core of scientific knowledge that utilizes systematic organization, mechanical, chemical, intellectual, and power-driven aids to production.

The history of industrial engineering is intertwined with the history of industrialization.
Where? 1924 first control chart, Shewhart 1931 textbook Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product. AIIE was founded in 1948 (in Columbus by an OSU professor). It become IIE in 1981. 1886 Henry Towne (1844-1924), co-founder of the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co., published “The Engineer as Economist” in the Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers