Introduction to Industrial Engineering

By Jane M. Fraser

Chapter 4


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This chapter will help us answer an important question: What is the mission of an IE, in other words, why does an IE exist? We will answer that question by considering the following questions:


  1. Obtain the mission statement of some company or organization. It could be a store where you shop, an organization or club you belong to, a company where you work, etc. You can use a mission statement that you find on Internet. In 1 to 2 pages, evaluate the mission statement using the criteria in Section 4.1.
  2. Write mission, vision, and values statements for the Department of Engineering or for CSU-Pueblo.
  3. For an organization that you know well, describe who is in each of the categories of people in the organization, as explained in Seciton 4.2. Explain why you put each person or each group of people in each category.